Meet Lisa

For most of my adult life I have struggled with yoyo dieting, depression, bad relationships, and the feeling of not being enough. Even though I had loving parents and a great childhood I always felt like an outsider. I thought differently from everyone and I was and still am a sensitive and passionate person.

After, my children were born and leaving my abusive husband in 2002 and going through a difficult divorce the search began to try to find my authentic self, but the more I searched the more I spiraled into a deep depression that caused other illnesses that lead to several major surgeries. Once I got to the point of being tired of being sick and tired I took matters into my own hands and the search to heal myself began. I wanted to be the mother my boys deserved and the woman God created be to be.  I needed to be whole. Whatever that means.

Fifteen years later, I am the mother of two teenage boys and I no longer suffer from depression and I have discover that food is thy medicine. I have learned that life is what it is and not to take it so seriously. There will be disappointment heartache and grief, but there is also love joy and peace. I have learned to accept the former and live in the latter. I still find myself in certain situations where I ask myself “What is happening right now?” As I watch things unfold I know that everything will work itself out.

I believe that God has a plan for all of us. So, all the good, bad, ugly, joy, and fabulousness is by design. It is up to us to except His Grace and Mercy and know that it is not personal and to learn the lessons he throws at us. I have failed the tests of life more times than I can count, but I now understand more and I’m receiving more passing grades in this thing called life.

I am a health & wellness coach and speaker helping those to heal themselves through the art of being well inside and out. I live in Detroit, MI with my two teenage sons where I take care of my aging parents with the help of family. I have also found the love of my life or should I say we found each other and we live a happy and healthy life.  Life is absolutely fabulous even on the days that suck.

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